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Painting Exercises

For those who wish to participate - on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of the month  - one member from the group will select a plant to paint and other members will paint the same type of plant.

The idea is to give other people an idea of different painting techniques and levels of experience.

Exercise 6 White Hellebores

Sheila S  Hellebore
Penny  Hellebore

Exercise 7  Primula

Primula  Judith.jpg
Annie Primula.jpg
primrose Sheila S.jpg

Exercise 8  Narcissi

Narcissi Annie.jpg
Juditn - Narcissi
Shirley Gyles  Narcissi.jpg
Daffs  Fiona
Narcissi2  Judith.jpg

Exercise 9  Tulips

Helen Grandy.jpg
Tulips   Judith.jpg

Exercise 10  Anemone

Annie Anemone.jpg

Exercise 11 Silverpoint

Sheila L.
Judith Silverpoint.jpg


Annie - Comma 2.jpg
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