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During the last "Lockdown" we encouraged members to participate in the painting exercises and submit their results approximately monthly. A number of members have expressed a desire to resume the painting exercises as they cannot always attend the usual painting sessions.

So look out for the Painting Exercises and topics.


Painting will resume on Tuesday 4th January 2022

Botanical Painters at Brackenwood AGM

The Annual General Meeting was held on 18th January 2022. As the venue was rather small the meeting was held by  Zoom. Minutes are available.

We had two committee members who have to stepped down, so if anyone would like to join the committee please let the committee know.

Our thanks go to those members who have stepped sown, for their sterling work in the past, especially during North Somerset Arts Week.

The current committee comprises:


Annie Morris  as Chair

Helen Grandy  as Secretary

Sheila Liddle  as Treasurer and Webmaster

Lina Volpe

Kathy Smith

Association of British Botanical Artists

The Association of British Botanical Artists organised their annual exhibition with it also being displayed at COP26. A number of members submitted their work. Some were also chosen to be exhibited at Kew.

If you have not already seen it - it is on the ABBA Website under the link:

​Members Exercises

Painting Exercises

For those who are interested we will be resuming painting exercises.  If you wish to submit your paintings, please scan or copy and submit them as JPEGS or PDFs. Send them to the Treasurer, who will upload them onto the website around the closing date.

Exercise No. 10      Autumn Leaves and Lichen

The next topic is to paint either autumn leaves or lichen.

Submit your paintings by 4th December 2021

Exercise No. 11     Winter flowers or plants

Submit your paintings by 28th January 2022

If you wish to suggest further topics, please let the Treasurer know.

Exercise No. 12     Spring flowers of plants

Submit your paintings by 12th March 2022

Planned Events

We are planning some workshops and will draw up a programme in the next few weeks.

We hope to rearrange the trip to Kew later in the year.